Deathsmiles 2X releasing directly to Games on Demand

Action News Shooter Xbox 360

A few weeks ago we reported that Cave would be handling Deathsmiles 2X’s publishing on their own according to an ESRB rating. This would be the first time that Cave had published a title in the United States to retail release. But that apparently is no longer the case because Cave will be skipping a retail release entirely and going straight to Games on Demand for North America.

Cave is also going to be using the original Japanese for the game entirely which means that you will not be able to understand anything that the game contains unless you are able to read and understand Japanese. The game will cost $30 on May 17th which is next Tuesday. This story comes from Cave’s Facebook as they say that they “will be giving this format a try for getting some of our Japan-only shooters released overseas.”

This is certainly an odd way to bring your title to more fans, but it also is a money saving one at that. No longer do they have to worry about shelling out publication fees or worrying about partnering with a localization company and having to worry about the distribution of the title. Also it is a good way to see that many of the titles that would never see the light of day in the U.S. may actually get released. So if you have been waiting to play the second game of the Deathsmiles’ series then you can pick it up next Tuesday on Games on Demand for $30 or the equivalent in Microsoft Points if you choose to go that way instead.

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