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Dead or Alive: Dimensions canceled in Sweden due to child pornography law


Yes you read that title correctly and you are right to feel a bit confused about what that means. First off, Dead or Alive: Dimensions which will be released in the US tomorrow, has been canceled in Sweden, Norway and Denmark by Nintendo themselves. The reason for this is apparently due to the fear of violating a child pornography law that Sweden implemented in the past.

Nintendo hasn’t given any official reason for the cancellation besides stating it as “various reasons” but Eurogamer states that this cancellation is most likely due to the fact that an online forum user noticed that Kasumi, Koroke and Ayane are all under 18 years old. In Sweden it is against the law to place anyone under the age of eighteen in a pornographic situation, whether they be real or virtual.

These three girls being under the age of 18 could violate the law due to the game’s “Figure Mode” that allows players to pose and view any of the characters in the game, including the women, as well as take pictures. In the end it seems that Nintendo is playing it safe, despite local Swedish police saying that the evidence of the crime itself was “inconclusive.”

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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