David O. Russell Quits Uncharted Movie: Fans Rejoice

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Did you hear that? That loud roaring applause? That, my friends was the sound of zillions of Uncharted fans rejoicing aloud because David O. Russell, Destroyer of All Things Uncharted, quit. If you were unfamiliar with this travesty, Mr. Russell decided to horribly miscast (Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake!?) and opt to change virtually everything that makes Uncharted, Uncharted. Which brings to question, why even make the movie if you’re just going to change everything? Why not just call it something else? Well, I’m just going to assume that logic set in.

Don’t get me wrong, David O. Russell is a fine filmmaker. But I can’t help but think he was horribly misguided in his decision to make this picture. Crisis averted. The Internets can now calm down.

Variety had the exclusive report. No reason was given. None is needed.

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