BloodRayne Betrayal’s first Trailer Debuts….

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Wayforward and Majesco’s upcoming downloadable title BloodRayne Betrayal is honestly my most anticipated game for the summer. While news broke of this title a while back, we haven’t seen the actual gameplay as of yet aside from a couple of quick teases. That is history now though as Majesco have released the debut trailer from the game, and as expected this title looks to be fast paced, full of action and yes, very bloody.

The trailer shows off the hack and slash gameplay as well as giving players a first look at the newly designed Rayne, who has been a bit shy from coverage up until now. I am really digging the art style and the retro-esque vibe though, which are two elements Wayforward are well known for. Also take notice in the combo system, which is a nice touch that is sure to deepen the combat as you hack away at foes. You can check out the intense trailer below and get ready, as BloodRayne Betrayal will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this summer.

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