Battlefield 3 beta key scammers exposed

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Battlefield 3 is a title that is being hotly anticipated by fans of the series and with a beta for the title on the way, excitement is at a peak level. Some people are taking advantage of this excitement however because a website known as Bf3nation has been giving out beta keys in an attempt to phish consumer information. The website keys are indeed a scam and EA has been trying to shut down the site but has not been able to thus far.

The scam itself was exposed by the people at Battlefield 3 Online Forums which did the legwork to discover the scam itself. As you can see from their information  the fact that the owner of the website has previously attempted these schemes before, it is bad news for those caught in the trap. Honestly if the Battlefield 3 beta had been about to begin we would have reported on it as it is something that will be highly publicized by EA as the Battlefield series is one of their most popular.

– Thanks James Morgan

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