Yar’s Revenge gets a Launch Trailer; Available now on PC & XBLA!

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If you haven’t heard, Atari’s re-imagining for the classic Yar’s Revenge is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade and PC as of right now. This title completely changes up the classic game with a new anime art style and on-rails gameplay as players take control of a nameless Yar who is on a quest for revenge against her former master.

Of course with any launch, Atari have now released a launch trailer to coincide with release that shows off the intense gameplay and scenic levels that as well as the inclusion local co-op play. I have been playing Yar’s Revenge a bit today and it definitely lives up to it’s promise of intensity, so stay tuned as our review will be coming soon. For now though you can check out the launch trailer for yourself and you can pick up Yars revenge for 800 points via the Xbox Live Arcade or $9.99 (US) for PC download. For more information on obtaining either version, check out the Atari’s official site for the game at www.playyarsrevenge.com.

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