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World Cyber Games Launches in Sydney this week

The search for Australia’s representative to lead the countries fight in the World Cyber Games kicks off at Parramatta, specifically this Saturday April 30th, at Parramatta Riverside.  Entry is free, there’ll be games everywhere and it sounds like a great way to spend your Saturday. It’s a unique event that doesn’t come around too often in the Land Down Under; The World Cyber Games is the largest e-sports tournament in the world with 90 countries, over 1 million competitors and 9 million spectators across the globe.


It’s an all ages event, so everyone’s welcome, even Grandma who may have no idea what it’s all about like any other non gamers, but that’s okay because tls have catered for everyone. Since it’s located at Riverside the event promises a jetski and fireworks spectacular, live DJ’s, roving entertainment, aswell as food and beverages. What a spoilt culture we are eh? You can also except to see games such as Tekken 6, Fifa 11, StarCraft II, WarCraft III and Counter Strike 1.6 all running on some pretty sweet gaming rigs.


Brad Lee, CEO of World Cyber Games Inc has this to say about the event and it’s organizers tls “We see Australia as a strong emerging market with rigid consuming power in the global gaming community and we needed to set partnership with a company who could really deliver. We are truly glad we have found this in tls”


This event marks the first of several upcoming events and the organizers are hoping we can pull enough crowds to increase the chances of bringing the finals to Australian shores next year. Round one is taking place from 4:30pm Saturday April 30 at Parramatta Riverside.  So get out there and support our local Industry! Entry is FREE and competition entrants can simply register on site from kick off.

Jared Hilliers
Jared Hilliers
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