White Knight Chronicles II finally being published in U.S.

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Despite the fact that White Knight Chronicles II has been slated for a release date in Europe for some time now, there has yet to be an announcement for a release in the United States. Fans of Level-5’s sequel were growing increasingly worried that there was not an announcement made yet that the title would be brought to the U.S. by any company despite the May release in Europe growing closer and closer.

There is no longer a need to worry because D3Publisher will be taking up the reigns of White Knight Chronicles II. Siliconera says that the sequel will contain the original game completely remastered as well. Meaning if you purchase White Knight Chronicles II then you also receive White Knight Chronicles I for free. Players can choose to either start from the first game or jump to the end ofthe first game so they can begin the second game without needing to beat the first one unlike the Japanese release. White Knight Chronicles II will be coming out in the summer season for the U.S.

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