Toki Tori flies onto Android market

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Two Tribes has some awesome news for all you Toki Tori fans, as the chubby little chicken as flown his way (yes i know chickens cant fly), onto the android market. Iphone, PC and Wii owners have already had the pleasure of playing this entertaining and highly addictive game with features never seen before in puzzle platformers. Users have described the android version as a “perfect port”, that runs perfectly on all android devices.

Players will have their puzzle solving skills pushed to the limit as they guide Toki Tori through 80 beautifully crafted levels across 4 different worlds in a quest to collect as many precious eggs as possible. Throughout his adventures Toki Tori will have a huge arsenal of weapons at his disposal, including the infamous Telewarp, Instantrock and Slugsucker, all which need to be combined to successfully navigate through each level ranging from simple to pure diabolical. Packed with multi-touch controls, cool items and weapons, Toki Tori is a must for any Android users game library.

Toki Tori is available now from the Android Market for $2.99

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