Rooster Teeth releases video tour of their studio

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Gamers will probably know Rooster Teeth best as the creators of the machinima series Red vs Blue or for their Achievement Hunter series, but Rooster Teeth also has tons of other content available at their website. Along with Red vs Blue and Achievement Hunter they have live action RT Shorts poking fun at their antics around the office, the mythbusters-esque immersion series which tries to bring video game mechanics into the real world, and their series of Rooster Teeth web comics.

For fans who have ever wondered what it’s like to work at the Rooster Teeth studios, the guys have put up a new video showing off their sweet accomodations. The tour is given by Burnie Burns, head honcho of Rooster Teeth, and is in the style of the not-at-all-dated business training videos you might have seen in the 1980s. I feel I should mention this even though it should be quite obvious, but this is not a serious video. As per usual with these guys, expect a good dose of comedy and silliness as Burns and the other employees abuse each other and stumble through the filming process.

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