Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City kills Leon in latest trailer

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Looks like playing as the bad guys may be more exciting than we thought it would be. In the latest trailer released by Capcom for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City we are treated to plenty of gameplay footage and we are also introduced into some of the enemies that we will be facing in the upcoming zombie apocalypse shooter.

We are shown an out of control Tyrant that looks like the same one that we see in Resident Evil 2, the Spec Ops team that was sent by the government and of course plenty of zombies. Also shown off is the team members of the Umbrella team sent in to clean up any evidence, including killing Leon Kennedy. We are shown Spectre who appears to be the sniper of the team, the invisible turning Vector, Bertha the female soldier and possible tactician and the heavy weapon user Beltway. Catch the trailer below.

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