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It just doesn’t seem possible to have a video game in the shooter genre that does not have an attractive male lead and a smokin’ hot female companion.  Volition has embraced this concept and provided a trailer detailing the new character in the Red Faction franchise, Miss Kara.  Check out the trailer below to get a handle on her traits.  THQ has also kindly provided some interesting biographies for the other characters in the game.  They are included below.

“The Story So Far…

For a time, Mars was free. Following the liberation of the planet from the EDF by Alec Mason, the Martian colonists for the first time controlled their own destiny on the Red Planet. Though not without adversity, the colonies prospered. For the first time on Mars, there was peace…

50 years later, a new enemy not only threatens the colonists’ freedom, but their very existence. Adam Hale, long an enemy of the Mason family, has destroyed the Terraformer, the only thing keeping the surface of the planet habitable, forcing the citizens of Mars underground.

Now, citizens from each faction of Mars will join together to fight this new threat. Kara, a Marauder smuggler, Winters, a hard-nosed Red Faction sergeant, and Darius, the grandson of Alec, come together to free Mars once more in Red Faction: Armageddon, set to release on 2nd June in Australia and New Zealand.


For better or worse, the Masons are the “first family of Mars”—Washington, Jefferson, and Adams all rolled into one, along with the fighting spirit of the Minutemen. Darius is the scion of this legacy, though he never asked for the responsibility or wanted it. He just wanted to be left alone to live his own life, not the one Mars had seemingly demanded of him. He might have succeeded in avoiding the “Mason destiny” if not for Adam Hale and his apocalyptic cult. While doing his tour of duty for the colony, Darius was unable to stop Hale from destroying the Terraformer. The Martian atmosphere quickly deteriorated to the point where only the caverns and deep places of Mars were habitable. While the Colonists didn’t necessarily blame Darius for the disaster, his guilt ate at him, and he was never as comfortable with them as he once was. Darius’s guilt prompted him to spend longer amounts of time alone, seeking out missions that would take him away from settlement life. He learned how to survive by eking out a living from Salvage, how to blend into a crowd, and how to fight. The one thing he couldn’t do was forget or forgive what had been done to him.


Born a Marauder, Kara is a hard-nosed smuggler who knows both the streets and the world of science.  Kara ran away from the regimented hierarchy of the Marauders at an early age. Smuggling goods around Mars and from Earth just seemed a natural course of action, both as an act of defiance and as an easy way to make cash. It was while operating in the underground of Mars that she met Darius. Aside from their place of birth, Kara and Darius couldn’t be more different. Darius was a hard worker who took people at face value; Kara was a sly, sarcastic rebel who trusted few. Darius wanted to live his life and avoid authority; Kara was always looking to pick a fight. They do have one thing in common: they wanted to stay hidden, and through that, a natural friendship was born.


A sergeant in the Red Faction military, Winters got where he is by being the toughest son of a bitch on the planet.  Winters prefers to be in the field with his men, not sitting back in a bunker.  He has earned an almost mystical quality among his soldiers… stories of Winters charging headfirst into battle and emerging unscathed are common. Winters is physically imposing and carries himself with a “no-nonsense” attitude.  Winters is all business, and if you jeopardize his mission in any fashion there will be hell to pay.


Adam Hale’s father was an EDF captain killed by Alec Mason during the Revolution of 2125. Hale was raised by EDF survivors abandoned on Mars.  In 2150, Hale’s White Faction launched a new war against the Colonists. Red Faction forces led by Alec Mason and his son Jake defeated Hale. Hale vanished after the Battle of Bakhuysen Trench. Years later, he returned as the messiah to a band of violent Marauder separatists.  Hale’s Cultists claim he joins the mystical Martian past to a glorious future. Others see a madman who would destroy the planet to rule it.”

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