Get Ready BIT.TRIP Saga Announced for 3DS

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Massive news for fans of the arcade, music rhythm platformer BIT.TRIP series, Aksys Games and Gaijin Games is bringing ALL six BIT.TRIP games in to one single compilation game for the 3DS, titled BIT.TRIP Saga. All six games (BIT.TRIP Beat, BIT.TRIP Core, BIT.TRIP Void, BIT.TRIP Runner, BIT.TRIP Fate, BIT.TRIP Flux) will be fully playable in their entirety and in full 3D.

The BIT.TRIP series is as much of a platform game as it is a music rhythm game. Players control CommanderVideo as he rides along various rhythmic galaxies where players will face insane platforming and crazy boss battles. All the while, creating a Chiptune 8-bit era soundtrack through out your epic journey.

BIT.TRIP Saga will be available for Nintendo 3DS later this year







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