Get Mass Effect 2 free for the PC if you bought any version of Dragon Age II

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BioWare has decided that the best way to reward its devoted fans would be to hold something they are calling The BioWare Sequel Celebration. This means that as long as you have purchased any copy of Dragon Age 2, whether it be on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or the PC then you will be entitled to to a free download of the PC version of Mass Effect 2. This deal is only available through the end of the month however so you have only a month to redeem your code.

The system uses the Black Emporium Online Pass content that was given to anyone who purchased Dragon Age 2 new. Then you must travel to the website for the offer here and enter the Online Pass Code again on this website to receive your download for the PC. They even released a trailer for the event. It is a bit of a let down that it is PC only for Mass Effect 2 because not everyone has a computer up to snuff to play Mass Effect 2 but hey, free is free.

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