Gatling Gears gets a release date and a new trailer

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Gatling Gears, the upcoming twin-stick shooter published by Electronic Arts, has finally received an official release date. Gamers can download the game on Xbox Live Arcade on May 12th and on Playstation Network on May 19th. These dates are for Australia and New Zealand, while North America and Europe will get the game one day earlier  although at the same time as the Eastern Hemisphere due to the time-traveling shenanigans of the international date line. The price will be 1200 Microsoft points in all regions and AUS$ 23.95 / NZ$ 29.95.

Along with this announcement, EA have release a teaser trailer for the game which challenges players to “Blow @#!% Up”, which I can only assume means Blow Shit Up, although I’m not sure of the exact transliteration of a percent sign. Other than confusing obscene words for symbols, the trailer also shows off the frantic shooter action that Gatling Gears promises to deliver and a few explosions to top everything off. Really what more can you ask for?

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