Fate of the World Expansion Update


Fate of the World, the strategy game of global warming and eco-political management, was received pretty well here at Capsule Computers (check our review here) for its complex and challenging strategy gameplay combined with a responsible and accurate message. This week, developer Red Redemption announced that new content has been released for the game in the form of a downloadable update. This expansion includes two new scenarios for the game, both of which can be downloaded for free by players who already own the game. New players who purchase the game during the week of Earth Day (April 22nd) will also get a 33% discount.

The two new scenarios will offer new approaches to Fate of the World. The “Oil Fix It” scenario (clever pun, no?) mission will serve as a bridge between the relatively easy “Rise of Africa” introductory mission and the overwhelmingly more complex “Fuel Crisis”. This intermediate campaign requires players to maintain the world supply of fossil fuels until the year 2080. The second new scenario, “Earth Day”, tasks potential eco-politicians with slowing global climate change for nearly two decades. However, the nations of the world decide on Earth Day 2020 to act selflessly in order to save the planet, giving the Earth a fair shot at surviving. Fate of the World can be downloaded now at FateoftheWorld.net or on Steam.

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