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What is Child Of Eden

Child of Eden is the “multi-sensory shooter” that will send players diving into a kaleidoscopic matrix of synchronized music and mind-blowing visuals that will usher forth yet another landmark game experience from the mind of renowned game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, its creator.

Child of Eden thrusts you in the center of a battle to save Project Lumi, a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden, the archive of all human memories. As the project nears completion, the archive is invaded by an unknown virus. The Player’s mission is to save Eden from the virus to restore hope and peace.

Its Key Features

  • MULTI-SENSORY EFFECT A visionary entertainment experience that synchronizes stunning graphics and innovative sound design to electrify the senses.  By bringing physics in synergy with spectacular visual and audio, Child of Eden is creating the next-generation sensory experience
  • THE WORLD OF EDENComing straight from Mizuguchi-san’s mind: unique, surprising, rich and beautiful.
  • CONTROLSSimple & natural. Designed for standard controllers and Xbox 360’s Kinect. The Kinect adds an extra dimension to the experience as you truly merge into the game, with no physical barriers between the game world and you. Use your body to move the aimer, and both hands to lock-on and shoot for a completely new and multi-sensory shooting game experience.

The Man Behind It All – Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Tetsuya MIZUGUCHI - Q? Entertainment Inc. - (Creative Director)

Inspired by Kandinsky and fueled by electronic music, Q Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Tetsuya Mizuguchi (better known as ‘Miz’) has been pushing the video game industry forward since 1990.

Boasting a unique and much-heralded career as a video game innovator with a singular vision – to fuse sight and sound for the masses – Miz has long since secured his place in the video game Hall of Fame. Pioneering music games before there was even a music genre, his resume reads like a gaming highlight reel, with titles like Sega Rally Championship, Space Channel 5, Lumines, Ninety-Nine Nights, and the groundbreaking Rez to his credit.

But as stellar as his game CV might be, it’s his extra-curricular work as the leader of multimedia music act, Genki Rockets, and his participation in global multimedia events like Live Earth (in which he collaborated with former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore) that truly defines him.

Now, he’s bringing his talent, vision, and focus back to the world of synesthesia with Ubisoft’s ”Child of Eden”, the “multi-sensory shooter” that will send players diving back into a kaleidoscopic matrix of synchronized music and mind-blowing visuals that will usher forth yet another landmark game experience from the mind of Miz.

Child Of Eden Gameplay

Hope and Happiness !!!

Basically, game-play involves using our right hand to aim and lock-on to targets that represented the virus in the Matrix Archive system. Up to eight targets could be targeted at once, with the game letting us know we’ve reached the lock-on limit by changing the opacity of the targeting cross-hair. Once targets were lock-on to, a quick forwards thrust of the hand sends blue bolts of energy flying out to purify the targeted bits and bytes. At the point where targets have been acquired. In addition to the lock-on targeting system, a quick swap to your left hand will change your armament to the tracer beam.  This weapon would primarily be used defensively to shred apart any corruption purple viruses that enemies may fling at you. Just as with any shooter style game, yes, you do have a health bar. Finally, you are also able to utilise the power of power-ups that you can find in the field. The most significant of which are the “happy bomb” called Euphoria which will purify and destroy all virus on the screen. All the while, playing through this, the player is treated to a wild, and yet calming experience, made all the more satisfying through movement control.

Child Of Eden will be available for Xbox Kinect and Playsation Move for PS3. Additionally, it should be noted that Child of Eden CAN be played without motion sensors, and is completely playable with the use of a controller. However, from the best experience with it, every gamer should take the opportunity to experience the movement flow for themselves. Described as a multi-sensory shooter game for the Kinect, regardless of what sort of gamer you are, I can only say that you will be missing on a something truly amazing if you don’t give this a try.

Child Of Eden Video Gameplay Tutorial

Check out the video gameplay tutorial on how the game works below.

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