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Like many 3DS users, one of the main things I have been waiting for is the May update to take place as it will officially launch the eShop for the Nintendo 3DS, allowing for demos, 3D videos, and other goodies to be downloaded on the system as well as the new virtual console and 3DSware. Best Buy now have made a new listing of a prepaid cash card for the Nintendo 3DS which is now available for pre-order which seems to work much like the standard Nintendo point system, allowing for users to replenish the eWallet for more purchasing and at the same basic price-point of just $20.

While this “leak” of sorts isn’t anything surprising really, it does make me wonder if standard Nintendo points will not be valid for the 3DS’ online selection. I can say though that I am praying to the Nintendo gods that we see some classic titles for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color such as Shantae, Pokemon Red/Blue, and Metroid II all see a release on the eShop eventually and if all those come to be, my real wallet will surely be put through the wringer. In a couple of weeks though, this update will be live and all answers will start to trickle out so now it is just a game of patience until then.

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