Air Penguin comes to the Apple App Store

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Air Penguin has bounced and glided its way onto the app store, courtesy of publishers GAMEVIL and developers Enterfly Corporation.

You guide your penguin using simple multi-directional tilt controls, made possible with the gyroscope in iPods, iPhone and iPads, pinging from platform to platform until you manage to reach the end flag. Air Penguin slides across ice to pick up extra speed to propel himself/herself further. But, bouncing from ice block to ice block doesn’t come without dangers; hazards like cracking ice mean you’ve got to move on and animals like sharks and swordfish aim to give you a hard time. The endless Survival mode will mix things up for a fresh challenge, or items can be used to help get through the 100 stages of Story mode as Air Penguin ventures to save his family from melting ice caps.

It looks like a fun casual game to kill some time on. Air Penguin is available for $0.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – BUY IT HERE

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