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Here at Capsule Computers, we wouldn’t be allowed to tell you about games unless we played them ourselves, which is why we’ve decided to start up a weekly post telling our readers what our editors are playing. Feel free to tell us what games you are playing this week too!

Editor-in-chief: MasterAbbott

Been playing Double Dragon on the iPhone for the past week. Wrote the review (here is the link), been speaking to the developers of the game on Facebook and Twitter and they are really cool; they always take the time to reply to questions. Will also have some interview questions lined up hopefully this week – just waiting on them being sent back so I can post them up. Double Dragon is a remake of the original and with a truckload of extra’s thrown in along with some challenging achievements that will keep you busy for hours.  This is probably one of the best remakes ever made for the franchise. I hope it makes its way over to the consoles (XBOX and PSN) One thing lacking which I hope will be resolved in an update is online multiplay via wireless/internet instead of bluetooth.  If you have an iPhone and love the 2D beat ‘em ups this is a game you MUST own! Do you have what it takes to take down the Black Warriors and rescue your beloved Marian? Then step up to the plate pick up the baseball bat and come out swinging!

Senior Editor: Travis Bruno

This week I’ve been playing a few games that I haven’t touched in a while. Managed to complete another chapter of Deadly Premonition despite the fact that it’s quite terrible despite a surprisingly well done story. The fact that they make your character actually need to eat and sleep in the middle of the very awkwardly handled situations is interesting, and also who the world is Zach? Besides that I’ve been playing some Pokemon White on the side to gather all of the different Pokemon that I missed and enjoying the end game content. Other than that, spending some time here and there on Black Ops multiplayer that is mostly what I have been focusing my time on; I could go on and on about the other games but it would be very long. In summary: Hyperdimension Neptunia, YS I & II, Bulletstorm, Record of Agarest War and some Phantom Brave. Been tearing my way through Dragon Age 2 as well. Did they possibly beta test the game at all considering the amount of graphical issues it has? Honestly.

Senior Editor: Dylan Radcliffe

Bought Bulletstorm when it went on sale on Amazon for $40. I was surprised when the Epic Edition came in, rather than the normal edition that I actually ordered. The bonuses aren’t that amazing, and I would’ve been fine without them; never even going to touch the Gears of War 3 Beta. Bulletstorm is one of those games that loses its charm as you crank up the difficulty; it is fun tossing people around for the enjoyment of simply toying with them, but when the difficulty is increased and killing people is no longer easy, it just becomes tedious. On the other hand, I am an Achievement Hunter and there are difficulty based achievements; no point in running through twice. I have to admit though, killing people in different ways so you can get more points and in turn get cool weapons and upgrades is a brilliant gameplay mechanic!

Senior Editor: Dustin Spencer

Been working on many different things, with the most prominent being Pokemon Black. It seems no matter how old I get, the series always has the power to suck me back in for each generation. I also put in quite a bit of time with Torchlight for the XBLA. Never knew how addictive that game was but I am glad I finally got into it (now I can look forward to the pending sequel). I worked a little bit on Dragon Age 2, but as nice as the new combat system was, I found myself stuck in an invisible wall within minutes of the first battle.  I have also been working on a few other things, getting caught up on my backlog anyway with titles like Hotel Dusk and Dragon Quest V (which I am determined to complete). Right now I am mainly looking forward to the 3DS but Monster Tale has my full attention as far as future releases go. It reminds me heavily of Shantae even though it is not quite of the same genre, which has got me very hopeful as a new platformer is always a good thing to see.

Senior Editor: Matt Vella

This week I caught up on a lot of games, got around to finally renting out Dead Rising 2, it’s now number one on my ‘to buy list’. I also finally downloaded the ‘First Strike’ DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops, loving the zombie map, and also got the new DLC for Assassins Creed: Brother Hood, and it’s just as awesome! I also got Apache: Air Assault for Xbox 360 and Guerilla Bob for Mac to review, Apache is pretty average but Guerilla Bob is really fun! I’ve had a great week in gaming! 🙂

Senior Editor: Jed Bradshaw

I’ve finally got around to actually playing Snoopy Flying Ace after purchasing it for 1/2 off quite a while ago.

It’s like MW2. With planes. And Snoopy. Plus, it is diabolically difficult. So far though, I have been digging the online multiplayer, mostly because I can’t get past the first level of the campaign. It is still really fun. I have also played Full House Poker for review (link here.)   Finally, I sprinkled in some Geometry Wars, Pacman Championship DX and War for Cybertron.

Editor: Kelly Teng

Being a loyal Pokemon fan since the original TV series, what else could I possibly be playing? Pokemon Black (because let’s face it, Reshiram is so much cooler than Zekrom) is the title that’s eating up the battery on my DS. With the Pokemon franchise slowly becoming the same old game repackaged in a new colour, I admit I was worried…but as soon as I switched it on, all my worries disappeared. It pretty much takes everything I loved from every Pokemon game and upgraded it – which was, I’ll admit, long overdue. I wonder if the guys at Nintendo are running out of steam though, because the starting Pokemon are possibly the worst I have ever come across. Choosing between a blue beaver, an orange pig, or some sort of lizard really doesn’t make me a happy trainer. Overall, it’s everything we loved about Pokemon but the new additions are certainly a welcome.

Editor: Jared Hilliers

I’ve delved into the MMO world yet again, this time with Rift. These games have a tendency to eat all your time, dragging you away everything else in your life, they’re like an overly demanding relationship. The only other game I’ve had time with is Pokemon Black, which is obviously awesome and doesn’t need any reassurances. Rift on the other hand is in its honeymoon period, we won’t know for a few months whether or not it’s a keeper. It’s fun and promising, chasing Rift’s reminds me of Twister when they’re chasing hurricanes, but I don’t think Rift is exactly what everyone is expecting it to be: The next MMOMFG.

Editor: Kellie Wallace

Ive been playing through a few games these last few months. Since finishing Dead Space 2 twice (in a row, I have no life) I waited with bated breath for Bulletstorm. I LOVED it, playing it through once and starting again straight away! Now I play my favourite bits. I can’t enough of Grayson Hunt!

Today I slotted in Modern Warfare 1 after nearly a year of not playing it. I forgot how awesome it is. Now I am waiting for Homefront to be released so I can enjoy it and play it.

Editor: Chris Cerami

Let’s see, where to start? I recently finished Persona 4 after playing it on and off since its release in 2008 (I get distracted easily) so now I’m starting Persona 3 FES, which I’m really excited about. The story seems awesome and I love the art style. On my PSP I’ve also been playing YS I&II, I started Okamiden on my DS, and FINALLY finished Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, now moving on to Episode II. On top of that, today I played a bit of Scott Pilgrim with a few friends and played an hour or so of 3D Dot Game Heroes.


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