Warner Brothers set to appeal Mortal Kombat ban in Australia

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After hearing the news that Mortal Kombat was going to be banned from release in Australia a lot of gamers’ hearts broke. After the years of waiting for a full Mortal Kombat game with all of the blood and gore that fans loved being set for a release date, it was held up and blocked from their hands. But Warner Brothers (the publishers) are not going to take this lying down.

Warner Brothers released a statement that they would appeal the Australian Classification Review Boards statement that they would refuse classification to Mortal Kombat. The reason they are so invested into appealing the refusal of classification is due to the fact that they themselves have looked at numerous games previously given ratings in Australia that were more violent and gory than their own. Hopefully their appeal will go through and you yourself can help out by signing the petition to help get Mortal Kombat released in Australia.

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