URL Hunter – A game played entirely in your URL bar

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Every once in a while someone comes up with a unique and interesting game idea that changes the way we think about what a game is. The last game that had that kind of effect for me was Wolfenstein 1D, a game played along a line only one pixel wide and still surprisingly faithful to the classic FPS. Today there is another.

URL Hunter is a game that takes places entirely in the address bar of your web browser. As you can see in the above “screenshot” of the game, you can control an O and you need to kill all the little a’s that are running rampart in your URL bar. The number on the side counts down your time limit and the game will give you your score once your task is complete. You can try it out here, although you should open the link in a new window. Since URL Hunter was programmed by altering the way HTML5 refreshes your page, you’ll find it difficult or impossible to use your browser’s back button after playing.

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