Undercoders use sales of i·Spot Japan to aid relief efforts

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Images of the chaos caused by the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan were truly heart-wrenching for us all to watch, and it will be quite a while before all the people of Japan can rebuild their lives. The gaming industry is doing its part to chip in to help the relief effort over there, with Capsule Computers just setting up a donate page HERE for you to help if you can.

The latest game development team to do their part is Undercoders, who have announced that from now through March 31st, 100% of the proceeds from their game i·Spot Japan will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In addition, the price of the upgrade pack has been reduced to the half as an incentive.

You can help support this cause by buying the game from iTunes – Download i·Spot Japan

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