Ubisoft and Nivea team up to give free DLC for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

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Today, Ubisoft and Nivea announced that customers of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Kinect for Xbox 360 can now download new workouts developed with the help of Nivea’s fitness & lifestyle expert, Sarah Maxwell. The workouts, called “NIVEA Tone-Up with Sarah Maxwell” are available for free on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace starting today. “NIVEA Tone-up with Sarah Maxwell” delivers six new exercises (primarily aimed at helping women tone their bodies, sorry gents), a new in-game NIVEA room and audio cues  during the workout.

For those of you who haven’t played Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, it is definitely one of the better Kinect fitness titles, and since release it has had a number of new workouts added as DLC, with this latest one adding to that list. Do any of you have the game, and if so, will you be making use of this free DLC?

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