Tropico 4 Delayed; New Trailer Emerges..

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For those of you who were waiting eagerly to start your dictatorship, you might have to wait just a little longer as Tropico 4 has been delayed until August of this year. This isn’t too big of a deal really considering the game was scheduled for Q2 of 2011, so another two months is fine by me as long as the game plays as good as it is looking.

Kalypso have also released a new quirky trailer for the Xbox 360 & PC versions of the title, which show off many of the title’s features such as interactive disasters as well as touch briefly on the Facebook and Twitter integration that Tropico 4 will boast. You can check out the new trailer below and fear not, as in just a little over 5 months, El Presidente will be ready to rule with an iron fist when the game is eventually released this summer.

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