Top Spin 4 Opus Trailer

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Anyone who owns the game is already familar with the immersive character design and addictive gameplay offered by 2KSports in there latest edition of Top Spin tennis. For anyone else here is the ‘Opus’ trailer showing why you should definitely own this game if you are a fan of any kind of competitive sporting game. The trailer highlights the hard work that has gone into making Top Spin 4, emphasising the vast array of character features and manipulation that contribute to the interactive and smooth gameplay. Check out the facial manipulation section of the trailer, that would make most rpg games jealous. I have to add that most sport games dont hold my interest for very long, maybe as i dont have many friends to play against but i have found myself going back to this game again and again mainly due to the coach quests and upgrade system that 2ksports use within it.

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