TikGames’ Shapo Weighs in on the DSiWare…

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For those of you who enjoy puzzlers, TikGames have now released a new version of their popular title “Shapo” for the DSiWare. Shapo plays a bit like your standard puzzler, but actually relies on balance as each ball has a different weight and shape making each move crucial as players try to balance the field to clear all the lines. Power-ups are also given during Shapo with the likes of “line bomb” and “slow scale” helping clear the board and magic balls being used to rack up the extra points.

I am a pretty heavy user of the DSiWare service for the most part and in all honesty, there surprisingly isn’t too many puzzlers for it which makes this title pretty appealing for anyone wanting a new twist on the genre. Shapo also boasts over 150 levels and promises “hours of gameplay”, something that is always a good thing to see when it comes to one of the most addicting genres out there. DSi owners everywhere can now download Shapo for just 500 points as of today in the service. For a better look, check out the trailer below.

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