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The Nintendo 3DS Hits U.S. Stores Today!

I am sure I didn’t have to remind anyone that the 3DS is out today, but for that one person who may have been living in a cave, now you know! Nintendo’s brand new console is now out in every part of the world except for Australia, in which it will release this coming Thursday, on March 31st. Nintendo World in New York along with retailers all over the country have been hosting midnight launches (sadly none near the small town I live in), and the buzz for the new handheld is just about everywhere.

If you have one at this very moment, please let us know what you think about it. How is the 3D? What launch titles did you grab? You get the idea. If you haven’t got a 3DS yet, let us know when you plan on picking one up and what games you will be grabbing to go along with it. The whole crew at Capsule Computers are going to be working overtime now to get out some reviews for this launch line-up, so keep an eye out for that as there will be plenty of unboxings and happenings of all sorts to come. Stay Tuned!