Socom 4 maps released and Early bird vouchers active

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Co-inciding with the activation of the Socom 4 vouchers that came with Killzone 3 or those obtained at PAX East 11, Zipper Interactive have released 2 previously never seen before multiplayer maps. Even though im not a huge fan of online gaming id have to say these maps, named Von Heine Express and Cesspool look incredibly detailed and immersive, with an emphasis on an environment rich in discreet hideaways perfect for sniping.  Community Manager for Zipper Int. Jeremy Dunham, explains the Von Heine Express was one of the last maps to be designed and is set in the South East  of Asia, complete with bridges, a makeshift military base and abandoned railway cars. This was the map used at the PAX East 11 Socom 4 Championship Tournament.

In comparison the Cesspool map was designed based on a mission in the single player mode of the game called “Means to an End”. They do stress that it was only an inspiration and the multi-player segment has been developed from scratch and features a more close quarters style of warfare than other multiplayer maps.

Neither of these maps are available as a beta release but will be available when the multiplayer rooms are opened to the public. Socom 4 is released in the US on April 19 and features a massive (by todays standards) 14 mission single player mode and a 5 player customisable coop missions.

The beta version of multiplayer can be downloaded by general public on April 5 for online play. Im sure you will agree by watching the trailers this game has much to offer to fans of the genre.

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