Ridge Racer 3D Revs out a Launch Trailer…

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It seems to be more of the norm now to see Ridge Racer launching with new consoles. After well over 20 different releases on many different platforms in the past 18 years, this age old series is finally ready to debut with the 3DS. Namco also seem to be pretty pumped up about Ridge Racer 3D as well as today they released a new launch trailer today to show off just what wild ride gamers will be in for with the new 3D elements in tow.

The trailer (which you can view below) shows a bit of the gameplay as well as some nice eye candy such as a car jumping out of the screen as well as Reiko tossing her sunglasses at the player. Now as with all 3DS trailers, I am sure this is better in person but this clip certainly does a better job at showing the actual game than other 3DS trailers that have come forth. In my honest opinion if you are trying to decide just which racer to go with out of this or Asphalt, I would say due to past history and the name alone, Ridge Racer 3D is top choice for the genre at launch and is looking to be one of the better titles in this line up period at the moment. Ridge Racer 3D is also available now wherever video games are sold.

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