Resistance 3 – Competition finalists

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A couple months ago, we told you about a competition that involved Resistance 3, props, costumes, prizes and alien horror.  The day of reckoning has now come.  The Playstation Blog has revealed that Insomniac Games has finished picking the finalists.  Of these finalists, two will win big.  Then, they will be able to fly to California, have their heads scanned, and then be put into the final game.  Check the blog post here:

So, go have a look, laugh a little, examine the finer pieces of art and then plan your revenge for not being picked.  After all, the winners will be in a video game, and when you play the game, ANYTHING can happen.  Like, say, leaving a man behind to fight for himself against hordes of aliens?  Yea, that is cool.  😀


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