Plants vs Zombies invade the DSiWare…

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If you have been holding on to those DSiWare points and looking for the perfect time to splurge, there is no better day than today as Plants vs Zombies has now officially hit the DSiWare. This version brings the same addictive madness we recently seen hit the DS last month and at just 800 points. I am guessing this is a lighter version of the game, as PopCap’s DSiWare release of Bookworm just included “Classic” mode, but either way, the core product is well worth the money spent in this case.

Those who already have the DS version can also look to the other DSiWare releases today, Agtec’s Rabi Lady and 5 in 1 Mahjong. I think the only question now is just what platforms are left for these plants and zombies to invade. Perfect time for a sequel in my opinion, so hopefully that wish will be granted soon (looking at you PopCap ;)).

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