NGP storage memory detailed; 2GB and 4GB game cards

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At today’s GDC events Sony was able to take the stage and they have finally gone over what form of media the NGP will be using for its games. Gone are the use of the UMD that the original PSP used and in will be 2GB and 4GB cards that will store the game. This means that the appearance, which was not revealed, will mostly look something similar to the memory stick duos that the current PSP uses as memory.

The interesting feature of these cards is the fact that they will be left with 5-10% of their storage space empty for save game files and patches which is necessary due to the fact that the NGP itself has no internal storage. This question immediately springs to mind however. What if a game is released that requires so many patches to fix that it fills up that data and isn’t able to be patched anymore?

Despite this fact owners will also be able to purchase and use removable memory such as the original PSP uses which could solve the previously asked question. There has been no sign of whether or not these new forms of media will cost more than your average video game at the moment, nor if there will be an additional price between games that only need a 2GB card while some games will need a 4GB card.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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