Monster Tale Now Available in the U.S…

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Dreamrift’s (Developers of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure) brand new platformer for the DS in now available in the states and if you have been following our coverage for this title, it is looking to be a true gem on the handheld. Monster Tale puts players in control of the two heroes for the title, Ellie and her pet monster Chomp. The plot sees the duo out to save Monster World from the Kid Kings and their enslaved creature pets.

What truly sets this title apart from other platformers though is the bottom screen is used as a training ground for Chomp, where players will he will eat rewards Ellie finds so he can evolve and gain new abilities to assist in battles. Chomp has over 30 different forms as well so while Ellie explores the 5 worlds within, Chomp can grow stronger as players progress. You can now pick this title up today wherever games are sold and while your at it be sure to follow Monster Tale’s official twitter page for even more updates. Keep checking back here as well as our review will also be coming soon.

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