ilomilo DLC is coming soon

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EHH-OHH!  The charming and fantastic puzzler is getting a bucket load of twisty blocky puzzles on March 9th.  Although the release date is closer to Spring, the story told in the new chapters is set in Autumn.   Two chapters worth of goodies await.  And when I say goodies, I mean 19 new levels of “cubistic puzzles, 6 new challenging bonus levels & 3 new achievements.”  Are you ready to descend once more into the world of  three dimensional puzzle thinking?  Or do you just want more of the adorable  Ilo & Milo?  ‘Cause it looks like you can have it both ways.  Check out the trailer below for more insights into the downloadable world of extra ilomilo.  Or, have a look at our review of the original game.



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