GIRP – From the maker of QWOP

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Anyone who enjoys playing flash games online will probably remember QWOP, a flash game simulation of a 100m dash runner where the player must control the individual muscles of the runner’s legs. It gained notoriety on the internet as being nearly impossible to play well and many players uploaded their humorous attempts at making progress on YouTube. The maker of QWOP has now released his next game, GIRP.

GIRP is somewhat of a spiritual successor to QWOP, and it is arguably even more straining on one’s fingers. This time around, the player controls a rock climber, and I use the word control loosely. With one finger you will need to hold down the shift or control key (or mouse button for you masochists) and with your other fingers you will need to navigate Twister style (the game not the Helen Hunt film) around to the appropriate keys. If you don’t mind a few hand cramps, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

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