Final Fantasy III released for iOS

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Longtime fans of the Final Fantasy series have had to deal with a lot over the years. Between games not being released outside of Japan to games being released with the wrong numbers, the chronology of Final Fantasy can be a bit confusing if you live in the Western Hemisphere (and Australia!). The game we thought was Final Fantasy III turned out to be the sixth in the series, and the real 3rd game didn’t see release in America, Europe, and Australia until it was ported to the DS 16 years later.

Well, fans who never got around to picking up the DS version (or don’t have a DS) now have another option available to them for playing this classic RPG as Square Enix has just announced the worldwide release of Final Fantasy III for iPhone, iPod touch, and soon iPad. The iOS version features brand new 3D graphics and touch controls. In order to celebrate this release of the long-neglected 3rd Final Fantasy, Square Enix has also announced a sale on many of their previously released iOS games, so if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to try out Song Summoner, the wait is over!

Final Fantasy III is available now on any iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 3.0 or higher and sells for $15.99, €12.99, or £9.49 on iTunes.

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