Ex-Hacker finds RIFT security flaw, Works with Trion to fix.


In a join effort between developers TRION Worlds and Ex-Hacker, ManWitDaPlan, comes a fix to to the MMORPG ‘RIFT’.

While neither Trion or the hacker have given specifics as to how the game could be exploited, they have slightly detailed how it occured. Apparently there was an exploit in the games code that allowed users to not be authenticated as they were logging in, or something (this really goes over my head), and could entirely skip the logging in system. This would allow hackers access to your characters and gold. Though, strangely enough, not your characters mail. This is strange event of not being able to touch a players mail is what led ‘ManWitDaPlan’ to find the security flaw.

After working out the problem, he immediately contacted Trion and they worked together to fix the issue. The game was patched two-hours later and a security fix put into place.

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