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EA Partners Expands to Chillingo and Playfish

As of March 1st, Electronic Arts have extended their Partners Program through Chillingo and Playfish, offering publishing services to both mobile and social gaming platforms to the independent development community.

“The EA Partners program has proven to be a phenomenally successful model. It is an all around win-win situation. The program allows EA to partner with some of the world’s best console, PC and digital developers while providing those independent developers with a global distribution/publishing partner,” said Bryan Neider, EA Games Label COO and General Manager of EA Partners. “We’re excited to be able to offer current and future partners the mobile and social expertise of Chillingo and Playfish respectively. Like EA Partners, Chillingo and Playfish work with the best development talent in the mobile and social gaming space.”

Established in 2002, and acquired by EA in 2010, Chillingo is responsible for cult iOS games such as Cut the Rope™, Angry Birds™, Helsing’s Fire™, iBomber Defense™ and iDracula™ to name a few. Chillingo is the world’s leading independent games publisher on numerous digital platforms and now thanks to EA can continue their tradition of producing innovative gaming.

Established in 2007 and acquired by EA in 2009, Playfish is the world’s #2 publisher of social games on Facebook with popular titles like Pet Society™, Restaurant City, FIFA Superstars, Madden NFL Superstars and MONOPOLY Millionaires. Playfish will now immediately begin partnering with independent studios to enable them to maximize the full potential of their social games on the Facebook platform.

Both Chillingo and Playfish are now supporting third-party independent game development through EA’s Partners Program, which can only end with exciting results for game consumers. Over the past few years EA as expanded their interest into numerous gaming channels, resulting in EA becoming the worlds leading wireless entertainment publisher. With the addition of Chillingo and Playfish, EA and continue to expand into mobile and social gaming.

Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore
I am a current media student with a focus on video game research.