Civilization 5 DLC coming today.

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2K Games and Firaxis are ready to launch the Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia DLC to players  this week. The pack is officially launched today at a price point of $5.99 AUD. Along with the release of this downloadable expansion comes a free map-pack for the multiplayer portion of the game.

The downloadable content follows the four most dominant kingdoms in Polynesia in a battle to become the most dominant of them all. With the expansion comes a few new additions to the rules, such as being able to expand quickly and maintain cultural growth. With the expansion comes a new ruler – Kamehameha – and two new units, the Moai and the Maori Warrior.

The free map-pack (which will be automatically downloaded if you’re connected to steam) will come with three maps, which are – Ring; which has you watching your flanks, Skirmish; which is a map built for one on one duels, and lastly, Ancient Lake; which is a set around an inland sea.

Visit the Civilization 5 Website for more information.

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