Catherine patched up on PS3, 360 version coming soon

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Atlus’ Catherine was met with much chagrin when players found the game too difficult to make it past the first few stages but with the patch released now it adds a brand new difficulty to the list, super easy mode. The patch is currently only available on the PS3 with a 360 patch coming in the future due to issues with Microsoft. There have been a few changes made to the game besides the addition of super easy mode according to Andriasang.

When the player picks up a pillow in the dream world it would normally provide Vincent one extra retry on easy mode. With this latest update any pillow that the player picks up will instead give three retries on easy, two retries on normal and only one retry on hard. There is also an exploit that has already been found which allows players to grab a pillow near a checkpoint, die, and restart from that checkpoint to grab another pillow and stock up on lives.

The super easy difficulty gives players something called the “drink assist” mode where players can hold the select/back button down and cause a certain drink to appear in front of them. This will cause Vincent to be able to jump three blocks at once instead of the normal one which means that Vincent will be able to move up the tower ridiculously easy with the use of this drink.

If you wouldn’t like to have the patch’s effects take place in your game then you can press both the joysticks down at the same time and it will disable the patch and provide the same difficult game that some fans may enjoy. There has been no word from Atlus’ USA branch as to whether or not this difficulty patch will be pre-applied to U.S. versions of the game or if it too will be a feature added after release.

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