99Bullets Gets a Teaser Trailer…

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EnjoyUp Games are gearing up to release their retro-style shoot-em up, 99Bullets. If you haven’t heard of EnjoyUp Games before, they are the same people who brought us titles like Chronos Twins and Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ which have both seen much success on the handheld’s online shop. With the release of a new trailer today, it certainly seems that this title will have the same sort of retro feel that this developer has been know for in the past.

At first view from the trailer, I really got a vibe from the popular PS2 title Rez, which is certainly a good thing but honestly the handheld market really hasn’t seen an arcade shooter like this in a while. Other than that visual similarity to Rez, 99Bullets really seems like it will present some original and unique gameplay, especially since it utilizes both of the Nintendo DS’ screens. The calm music from the trailer is also flows nicely with the quite hectic and colorful action and leads me to believe we can expect a top of the line soundtrack from this title as well. There still isn’t a date for 99Bullets as of yet, but now that we have a trailer, a date should be just around the corner.

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