Twisted Pixel is releasing a new game and it is for Kinect – GunStringer

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Twisted Pixel, the famed developer behind ‘Splosion Man, has released a trailer for their newest IP.  In the new game, you get to play as a marionette.  But not just any marionette. You are a troubled skeleton that is also a cowboy that is also on the warpath for revenge.  However, this will not be a drama filled soap opera of a game.  By making the main character as a marionette  playing in a stage based performance, Twisted Pixel is able to insert original, crazy and wacky ideas.  Most importantly, the game is made for Kinect and you can play it SITTING DOWN! Hooray!  Twisted Pixel also has promised extremely accurate controls.  Check out the trailer below to get an idea on how awesome this game will be.

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