Scarlett And The Spark Of Life Gets An Update

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Adventure fans will be pleased to hear that the iPhone game Scarlett And The Spark Of Life: Episode One from Launching Pad Games got an update this week. Version 1.2.1 includes 11 new OpenFeint Achievements added to the game, as mentioned on it’s  itunes page:

“What’s New in Version 1.2.1

★ OpenFeint Achievements ★


Are you the local Scarlett expert?
★ Can you tap like a wild person and race through the adventure in super-quick time?
★ Can you play a certain well-known tune on the graveyard contraption?
★ Can you delve into Gherkin’s dark psyche and uncover a softer side?
★ Can you stoop to telling terrible bee jokes?
Prove your worth with eleven new OpenFeint Achievements!”

Scarlett And The Spark Of Life is an amazing game and is very enjoyable, and when us here at Capsule Computers reviewed it, it was praised in almost every aspect, only real criticism we could even find for it was the unfortunate shortness of the game, leaving players wanting more and the lack of content outside the game, resulting in very little replay value. The inclusion of achievements while a very small feature, is a step in the right direction to improve an already spectacular game. Hopefully more small goodies like this are included in Episode Two!

You can buy the game here and read our review on Scarlett And The Spark Of Life: Episode One here.

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