New Video Confirms “Halo 5” Exists….

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Halo 5 is now a bit more of a reality thanks to a new video which has surfaced on the web. The video in question though is a news report on new Microsoft technology with Channel 4 reporter Benjamin Cohen, who got a rare behind-the-scenes look at the company. The video was actually quite interesting to watch, but in the middle of the clip a clear image of “Halo 5” is seen on a screen. Of course this doesn’t mean a whole lot, as I doubt that Halo 5 will even be the next titles name, but it is confirmation that Microsoft is in fact working on the next Halo title, which should come as no shock to any fan of the series.

Now that the fans are aware though of this Halo project, this could mean that Microsoft just might have something very special to unveil at this year’s E3. Either way, the buzz can now begin as we now at least know the first Bungie-less Halo title is underway.

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