New LEGO Star Wars III trailer

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You have to admit that this concept of inserting Lego characters into beloved franchises was a good idea, it was just the subsequent spam that followed once they realized it was a hit which has slowly diminished the games reputation. The basic idea behind the games is the very essence of what Lego means when you’re a child, imagining these little characters being much more than they actually are, so by all means it works and they aren’t bad games. But how many franchises can you slap together with Lego before the cash cow starts running out of milk?

I guess it doesn’t matter to their target audience (children), but it matters to big kids like me!  Luckily the new Star Wars Lego is set for release hoping to return Lego to it’s original glory, the sort of glory that started on many peoples bedroom floors. Okay that sounded a little off, but that’s not the point. The point is there’s a new Lego Star Wars III trailer for you to check out below, so take a look!

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