Namco Networks fully merged with Namco Bandai America

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Anyone can look at the success of various iPhone games and say that they want in on that piece of pie. Now Namco Bandai has had their hands in Smart Phone gaming for awhile now under the subsidiary Namco Networks. Though this may not appeal to some people, it is great news for those who love to take their favorite franchises on the road with them. Last year when Splatterhouse and Puzzle Quest 2 released onto various consoles, they also received a modified release on iPhones as well.

This was just the first sign of the integration of Namco Networks into Namco Bandai America, and now it is official that the two groups have become one with Namco Bandai America absorbing Namco Networks. What exactly can we expect in the future now that Namco Networks has a more substantial studio backing its productions? Well Carlson Choi who is the VP of Marketing for Namco Bandai America has stated:

“We’ve already made Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima accessible on mobile devices and More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima available on mobile, Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS platforms. To continue the momentum around the Dr. Kawashima Brain franchise, Body and Brain Connection will launch Feb. 8 exclusively for Kinect, for Xbox 360, controller-free games and entertainment, with Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima 3 launching later this year on Java, BREW, iPhone and iPad.”

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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