Mike Patton returns as The Darkness in The Darkness II

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One of the best parts about The Darkness back when it was released back in 2007 was the fact that The Darkness itself was constantly mocking Jackie and constantly providing evil comments about what was happening in the game itself. Now what would a sequel be if the man who voiced The Darkness wasn’t going to return to provide his great talents to the demon?

Well we won’t even have to worry about that because Mike Patton who did the voice work for The Darkness in the first game will be returning to voice the sequel. Mike Patton is the front man for the band Faith No More so it is good to see him taking time out of his rock career to voice the demon again. Mike Patton himself is glad to be back in the role and has been quoted saying:

“It feels really good to be the bad guy, and The Darkness is as bad as it gets. I’ve read through the script and Jackie is going to be a brutally tortured soul. I’m looking forward to making his life a living hell.”

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