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Magicka on Top of Steam Sales!

Magicka is an independent game developed by Arrow Head Studios, the game is a mix of the Diablo point and click formula with an magic focus added to it. One of it’s biggest features is the support for 4 players online coop, where players can share the adventure together.

The game was released last week with a huge sucess, Magicka sold more than 30,000 copies in less than 24 hours and it’s still on the top of Steam Sales!

“The reception for Magicka has been better than we dared to hope, watching the numerous YouTube clips of gamers and editors worldwide laughing themselves senseless as they misfire spells left and right as well as the comments on twitter and forums show us people really get the humor and the idea behind Magicka. Singleplayer and LAN is what most people are currently playing but updating the multiplayer lobby and continuously improving the game is our top priority. “ – Shams Jorjani, Producer at Paradox Interactive

A big trouble for Magicka was all the bugs the game had at launch, but the developers are already working on patches to fix the current online issues, adding content and implementing player requests like keyboard mapping and much more.

Magicka @ Steam

The game is available for $9.99, those who purchase the game before January 31st will receive the Wizard Survival Kit as a bonus.

Fernando T. Gonçalves
Fernando T. Gonçalves
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