Fable III DLC Traitor’s Keep hits the XBLM on March 1st

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Better dust off that copy of Fable III if you still have it, because there is some brand new DLC coming down the pipe from Lionhead. Being the second full DLC pack that adds more to the game besides a few new weapons or dog costumes it will be titled Traitor’s Keep and will contain three different new levels. These levels will be Godwin Estate, Clockwork Island and Ravenscar Keep.

Along with these new areas you will also run into a number of strange new creations such as a robot dog and other robotic like enemies, and even some robotic looking armor of your own. The Traitor’s Keep DLC will cost 560 MSP ($7) and will also add 250 more achievement points to the total amount you can gather from Fable III. No idea as of yet what those will be however.

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